Trial Balance Problems and Solutions


Trial Balanced Problems PDF Download

Problem 1:

Prepare a Trial Balance for Shining Brothers Pvt. Ltd. at March 31st, 2017?

trial balance problems and solution



accounting trial balances


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Problem 2:

There are several Mistakes in the Umer & Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd. Trial Balance. You are requested to identify Errors and make corrected Trial Balance?

trial balance example


Trial Balance Format Download



trial balance accounting


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Problem 3:

Prepare Trial Balance as on 31.03.2012 from the following balances of Ms. Maliha Afzal:

Drawings Rs. 74,800                    Purchases Rs. 295,700                  Stock (1.04.2011) Rs. 30,000

Bills receivable Rs. 52,500          Capital Rs. 250,000                       Furniture Rs. 33,000             

Discount allowed Rs. 950            Sales Rs. 335,350                           Rent Rs. 72,500                  

Freight Rs. 3,500                           Printing charges Rs. 1,500           Sundry creditors 75,000

Insurance Rs. 2,700                      Sundry expenses Rs. 21,000       Discount received Rs. 1,000

Bank loan Rs. 120,000                 Stock (31.03.2012) Rs. 17,000     Income tax Rs. 9,500

Machinery Rs. 215,400                 Bills payable Rs. 31,700

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trial balance definition


>> Read General Ledger.


Problem 4:

Prepare Trial Balance from the following balances of Mr. Akhtar as on 31.12.2016:

Capital Rs. 420,000                        Cash in hand Rs. 25,000                    Building Rs. 115,000

Cash at bank Rs. 84,700 Machinery Rs. 60,000                         Sundry Creditors Rs. 68,000 

Furniture Rs. 11,000                      Rent Rs. 48,000 Car Rs. 68,000

Opening stock Rs. 86,000             Commission Rs. 1,400                         Rates and Taxes Rs. 2,600

Purchases Rs. 94,000                     Bad debts Rs. 3,200                             Sales Rs. 196,000

Insurance Rs. 2,400 General Expenses Rs. 800                   Sundry debtors Rs. 16,200 

Reserve for doubtful debts Rs. 7,300      Salaries Rs. 94,000 Closing Stock Rs. 12,000 

Unearned Revenue Rs. 16,000                  Interest received Rs. 5,000


Journal Entry Format Download



accounting trial balance problems and solutions


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Problem 5:

The following balances are extracted from the books of Ms. Maria Waseem, Prepare Trial Balance as on 30.6.2015:

Owner’s Equity Rs. 470,200                Machinery Rs. 158,800                  Cash in hand Rs. 6,000

Account receivable Rs. 48,000 Building Rs. 320,000                      Repairs Rs. 5,400

Stock Rs. 33,000                                    Insurance premium Rs. 3,300 Account payable Rs. 26,000

Sales Rs. 290,000                                  Commission Rs. 750                       Telephone charges Rs. 6,450

Rent & Taxes Rs. 6,300                        Furniture Rs. 11,000                       Purchases Rs. 165,000

Discount earned Rs. 1,100 Loan from Sidra Rs. 51,000           Salaries Rs. 70,600 

Reserve fund Rs. 5,900                        Discount allowed Rs. 650 Note receivable Rs. 8,600

Drawings Rs. 5,000                              Bad debts Rs. 1,350                          Bills payable Rs. 6,000



trial balance report


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