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Accountancy Knowledge presents different courses of Accounting, Finance, Economic, Banking etc.

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Different courses of under-graduate and graduate level students are development under student-center philosophy.

Principles of Accounting

Principles of Accounting is an entry level course for business, finance and management science students.

Financial Accounting

This Course is extension of Principles of Accounting. All three forms of accounting are focus of this course.

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis course will introduce you to the informational content of the financial statements and use the basic analysis tools. 


Statisitcal Software for Social Sciences (SPPS) courses are training are here

Cost Accounting

Cost is a basic course in accounting, finance, business and economics education. 

Principles of Finance

Main objective of this course is to equip students with basic concepts and theories of finance and able to apply financial tools in real life problems.

Accounting Crash Course

Accounting crash course is designed for financial accounting students.

Graduate Assessment Test (GAT)

GAT is abbreviation of Graduate Assessment Test is assessment exam conducted for admissions in Post-graduate level in different Universities as well as for employment in both private and public sector especially in academic area.

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Simple and easy approach of teaching. MCQs, Problems and Solutions, Format, Quizzes, Past Paper and much more….

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All courses and resources are absolutely free for students, teachers and professionals.

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