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1. Which of the following costs are treated as period costs under direct costing?

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2. Materials requisitioned from the storeroom included Rs. 1,000 of direct materials and Rs. 2,000 of indirect materials. Manufacturing overhead should be debited for what amount to record the transaction?

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3. At what point are manufacturing costs expensed?

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4. Costs a company incurs that are not product costs are referred to as?

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5. Which of the following accounts does not appear on the Balance Sheet?

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6. The three components of product cost include?

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7. Which of the following is not classified as a fixed product cost?

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8. When direct materials are used, which of the following accounts increases?

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9. Finished Goods Inventory includes which of the following costs?

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10. When a product is sold to a customer, which of the following inventory accounts is increased or decreased?

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