Bank Reconciliation Statement MCQs


MCQs 1 To 10


1. The main purpose of preparing a bank reconciliation statement is?

2. Bank reconciliation statement is?

3. Uncollected checks are also known as?

4. Favorable balance means?

5. Unfavorable balance means?

6. When check is not paid by the bank, it is called?

7. A bank reconciliation statement is prepared by?

8. Bank reconciliation is not a?

9. The balance on the debit side of the bank column of cash book indicates?

10. Bank statement also called?


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MCQs 11 To 20


11. When bank statement shows a debit balance, it means?

12. The check which is deposited into bank but not cleared at the end of a particular year is called?

13. When dealing with Bank reconciliation statement while using missing method the credit side of cash book corresponds to?

14. In cash book bank charges recorded?

15. Credit balance as per pass book is?

16. When cash is deposited into bank then the following account would be debited in the company accounts?

17. Which of the following would not affect bank reconciliation?

18. An amount of Rs. 1,000 is debited twice in the bank statement. When overdraft as per the cash book is the starting point?

19. Which one of the following is not missing of cash book?

20. If any amount is directly deposited into the bank then?


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