GAT Subject (Management Sciences)

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GAT Subject (Management Sciences) shows below. Outline of this test comprises of two broad sections of General and Subject and 30% and 70% respectively weightage of paper marks (download outlines).


Format GAT Subject (Management Sciences)


General Section                             30%

           English (Verbal)                                                          15%

            Analytical (Logical) Reasoning                                  15%


Subject Section                                  70%

gat subject



MCQs GAT Subject (Management Science)



1. Finance


GAT Test Percentage     10%  


Finance MCQs Pdf Download


Practice Test Finance

2. Accounting


GAT Test Percentage      10%


Accounting MCQs Pdf Download 


Practice Test Accounting 

3. Marketing       


GAT Test Percentage         15%


Marketing MCQs Pdf Download   


Practice Test Marketing

4. Management  


GAT Test Percentage         15%


Management MCQs Pdf Download 


Practice Test Management

5. Economics (Micro & Macro)  


GAT Test Percentage         10%


Economics MCQs Pdf Download 


Practice Test Economics