Books of Accounts Problems and Solutions

Books of Accounts Unsolved Problems

Problem 1:

State in which journal the following items will be recorded:

books of accounts problems and solutions


books of accounts


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Problem 2:

From the transactions given below prepare the Sales Book of Farhan Rahim for July 2016:


July 5:    Sold on credit to Ali Raza.

10 Chairs @ Rs. 250 Less 10%.

10 Tables @ Rs. 850 Discount 10%.

July 8:    Sold to Zarak Akram for cash.

15 Chairs @ Rs. 250

July 20: Sold to Mohsin & Co.

05 Chairs @ Rs. 2,200

10 Tables @ Rs. 850

July 23:  Sold on credit to Hassan Khan old computer for Rs. 5,000

July 28:  Sold to Khalid Khan for cash

15 Chairs @ Rs. 250


books of accounts to be maintained


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Problem 3:

Enter the following transactions in the purchases return book of Sana Ghani:


Jan 5:     Returned goods to Tayyab Zafar 5 chairs @ Rs.200 each, not in accordance with order.

Jan 14:   Returned goods to Ali 4 chairs @ Rs. 200 each and 10 tables @ Rs. 350 each, due to inferior quality.

Jan 24:   Return goods to Naeem and sons of Rs. 900.



maintenance of books of accounts


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Problem 4:

Enter the following transactions in Returns Inward Book of Danyal Mohsin:


April 6:   Returned by Sakandar 30 shirts each costing Rs. 550, due to inferior quality.

April 8:   Amar Tailors returned 10 ladies suits, each costing Rs. 1,900, on account of being not in accordance with their order.

April 21: T.N. Stores returned 12 male suits sets each costing Rs. 2,500, being not in accordance with order.



sales return book problems and solutions


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