General Ledger MCQs

MCQs 1 To 10


1. If debit side of bank account is greater than credit side it represents?

2. The payment to a creditor will?

3. The T-account is used to summarize which of the following?

4. Credit means?

5. Ledger is a principal book in which?

6. The left hand side of account is referred to as?

7. Excess of Debit side over Credit side is called?

8. Which item will appear on the credit side of ledger account?

9. The process of transferring the debit and credit items from a journal to their respective account in the ledger is termed as?

10. Ledger is a book of?


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MCQs 11 To 20


11. The account is a device used by the accountant to record?

12. The balance of cash account indicates?

13. Which of the following item is not included in the Cash account?

14. Which accounts belong in the accounts payable ledger?

15. An account is said to have a debit balance if?

16. Book of account where transaction related to a particular person or thing are recorded?

17. When a Liability is reduced or decreased, it is recorded on the?

18. General Ledger is also known as?

19. The records that are kept for the individual asset, liability, equity, revenue, expense, and drawing components are known?

20. The respective normal account balances of Sales, Sales Returns and Allowances, and Sales Discounts are?


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