Three Column Cash Book Problems and Solutions

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Problem 1:

On April 1, 2017, Hassan Sajjad Store Cash Book showed debit balances of Cash Rs. 1,550 and Bank Rs. 13,575. During the month of April following business was transacted. You are required to prepare Cash Book?


April 2017

02     Purchased Office Type-Writer for Cash Rs. 750; Cash Sales Rs. 1,315.

07     Deposited Cash Rs. 500 to bank.

10     Received from A. Hussain a check for Rs. 2,550 in part payment of his account (not deposited).

16     Paid by check for merchandise purchased worth Rs. 1,005.

20     Deposited into Bank the check received from A. Hussain.

22     Received from customer a check for Rs. 775 in full settlement of his accounts (not deposited).

24     Sold merchandise to sweet Bros. for Rs 1,500 who paid by check which was deposited into bank.

26     Paid creditor a Salman Rs. 915 by check.

28     Deposited into Bank the check of customer of worth Rs. 775 was dated 22nd April.

29     Paid wages by cash Rs. 500 and salary Rs. 1,000 by bank.

30     Drew from Bank for Office use Rs. 250 and Personal use Rs. 150.



Double column cash book problems and solution


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Problem 2:

From the following particulars make cash book of Ghulam Fatima Trading Co. for the month of November, 2016:       

1                  Cash balance (Cr) Rs. 2,000; Bank balance Rs. 40,000.                 Cash sales Rs. 3,700; Credit sales Rs. 1,800 would be received at near future. 6                  Paid Ahmed & Bros. by cash Rs.  500; Received cash by debtors Rs. 1,800. 12               Paid to vendor by means of check worth Rs. 2,700. 13               Paid Utility bills in cash Rs. 250; Bought goods by check Rs. 750. 19               Drew from Bank for office use Rs. 160; Personal withdrawal of cash Rs. 1,000. 20               Received a check from Hamid Rs. 2,700 and deposited into the bank. 21               Received by check from Munir Rs. 1,360; Discount Rs. 140 (not deposited). 25               Cash sales Rs. 2,100; Paid wages by bank Rs. 1,500. 28               Deposited Munir’s check into bank. 29               Payment by check to Anees for Rs. 175; Discount received Rs. 25. 30           Munir’s check has been dishonored and return by bank.


three column cash book questions and answers

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Problem 3:

Enter the following transactions in the Cash Book with Cash, Bank and Discount column for A R Khan and Co. for December, 2016 (all figures in Rupees):

triple column cash book



three column cash book problems and solutions


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Problem 4:

Prepare Petty Cash Book on imprest system from the following particulars for Minha Shukat Ltd.

September 2016

1. Received for petty cash payments Rs. 1,000

4. Paid for stationery Rs. 140

9. Paid for postage Rs. 80

10. Paid for printing charges Rs. 150

11. Paid for carriage Rs. 125

17. Paid for telegrams Rs. 25

20. Purchased envelops Rs. 30

21. Paid for coffee to office staff Rs. 30

22. Paid for office cleaning Rs. 50

30. Paid to Faiza Munir Rs. 200



petty cash book problems and solutions


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