BBA 4 Assignment 1

 S Reg. # Name Topics assigned
1 CIIT/FA15-BBA-011/ATD Muhammad Shahbaz GAAP
2 CIIT/FA15-BBA-022/ATD Ahmed Hassan Yousaf Accounting standards
3 CIIT/FA15-BBA-041/ATD Zayad Naseer Butt Trading account
4 CIIT/FA17-BBA-005/ATD Basit Ali Profit and loss account
5 CIIT/FA17-BBA-084/ATD Shaher Bano Jadoon Balance sheet
6 CIIT/FA17-BBA-089/ATD Hikmatullah Accounting conventions
7 CIIT/FA17-BBA-097/ATD Abdul Raheem Accounting concepts
8 CIIT/FA18-BBA-047/ATD Behram Khan Depreciation
9 CIIT/SP18-BBA-001/ATD Abdul Ur Rehman Financial statement
10 CIIT/SP18-BBA-002/ATD Farhan Yousaf Declining balance method
11 CIIT/SP18-BBA-003/ATD Faris Ali Qureshi Macrs depreciation
12 CIIT/SP18-BBA-004/ATD Fatima Sajjad Single entry system
13 CIIT/SP18-BBA-005/ATD Haris Waheed Bill of exchange
14 CIIT/SP18-BBA-006/ATD Hassan Awan Fund flow statement
15 CIIT/SP18-BBA-007/ATD Laiba Tahir what is a bond
16 CIIT/SP18-BBA-008/ATD Raja Hassan Affandi Fixed cost and its examples
17 CIIT/SP18-BBA-009/ATD Safwan Zahoor Variable cost and its examples
18 CIIT/SP18-BBA-010/ATD Syed Ahmed Ali Shah Accounts receivable turnover
19 CIIT/SP18-BBA-012/ATD Uzeffa Khan Income statement
20 CIIT/SP18-BBA-013/ATD Hassan Khan Quick ratio
21 CIIT/SP18-BBA-014/ATD Anum Naz Jadoon Times interest earned ratio
22 CIIT/SP18-BBA-015/ATD Muhammad Waqar Khan Working capital
23 CIIT/SP18-BBA-016/ATD Haris Waseem Payback period
24 CIIT/SP18-BBA-017/ATD Huda Abdus Salam Return on assets
25 CIIT/SP18-BBA-019/ATD Muhammad Umer Bull market and bearish market
26 CIIT/SP18-BBA-021/ATD Ahmed Khan Financial report
27 CIIT/SP18-BBA-022/ATD Zunaira Sajid Time value of money
28 CIIT/SP18-BBA-023/ATD Muhammad Uzair Khan Types of Shares
29 CIIT/SP18-BBA-024/ATD Saad Umer Asset turnover ratio
30 CIIT/SP18-BBA-025/ATD Mudassar Illahi Period costs Vs product cost
31 CIIT/SP18-BBA-026/ATD Ubaid Ullah Saleh Straight line depreciation
32 CIIT/SP18-BBA-027/ATD Zahid Khan Net present value
33 CIIT/SP18-BBA-028/ATD Ameer Hamza Khan Depreciation tax shield
34 CIIT/SP18-BBA-029/ATD Muhammad Ayaz Akbar Liquid assets
35 CIIT/SP18-BBA-032/ATD Nasratullah Nazari Markup vs margin
36 CIIT/SP18-BBA-033/ATD Azkia Javed Cash flow statement
37 CIIT/SP18-BBA-034/ATD Hamza Khalid Factors of production
38 CIIT/SP18-BBA-036/ATD Abdul Haseeb Current ratio
39 CIIT/SP18-BBA-039/ATD Usama Irshad Classified balance sheet
40 CIIT/SP18-BBA-041/ATD Abdul Qadeem Inventory turnover ratio
41 CIIT/SP18-BBA-042/ATD Ayesha Hanif Leverage ratio