Assignment 3 Topics

(Last Date 23.05.2018)



BBA 5 and 6

SN Registration No. Student Name Topic
1 CIIT/FA15-BBA-006/ATD Ahmad Ali predetermined overhead rate
2 CIIT/FA15-BBA-014/ATD Sana Ghani variable costing
3 CIIT/FA15-BBA-015/ATD Umar Hafeez absorption costing vs variable costing
4 CIIT/FA15-BBA-017/ATD Purwa Shakeel marginal cost
5 CIIT/FA15-BBA-018/ATD Shabana Siraj differential cost
6 CIIT/FA15-BBA-024/ATD Hisham Inayatullah Shamsi absorption costing income statement
7 CIIT/FA15-BBA-026/ATD Sadiqa Huma bond amortization schedule
8 CIIT/FA15-BBA-029/ATD Uroosa Yousaf activity based costing
9 CIIT/FA15-BBA-030/ATD Hafsa Noor Ayub depreciation tax shield
10 CIIT/FA15-BBA-033/ATD Zakirullah traditional income statement
11 CIIT/FA15-BBA-035/ATD Salman Saeed Khosa income statement template
12 CIIT/FA15-BBA-037/ATD Haroon Khan break even graph
13 CIIT/FA15-BBA-038/ATD Hassan Khan solvency
14 CIIT/FA15-BBA-039/ATD Muhammad Sameed Khan managerial accounting
15 CIIT/FA15-BBA-042/ATD Hira Binte Zarshaid profit and loss statements
16 CIIT/FA15-BBA-045/ATD Sanoodia Riaz how to determine cost of goods sold
17 CIIT/FA15-BBA-050/ATD Muhammad Saddam trading securities
18 CIIT/SP16-BBA-002/ATD Muhammad Abdullah inventory costing methods
20 CIIT/SP16-BBA-013/ATD Idrees Sultan process costing
21 CIIT/SP16-BBA-039/ATD Rameesha Hafeez discretionary fixed costs
22 CIIT/SP16-BBA-040/ATD Farhat Zaib applied overhead
23 CIIT/SP16-BBA-041/ATD Sabeela Meer statement of owners equity




SN Registration No. Student Name Topic
1 CIIT/FA15-BBA-016/ATD Zarak Akram monetary unit assumption
2 CIIT/FA16-BBA-002/ATD Amna Tabbasum investing activities
3 CIIT/FA16-BBA-004/ATD Nimra Safdar chart of accounts
4 CIIT/FA16-BBA-007/ATD Sheikh Sadan Mazhar contribution margin percentage
5 CIIT/FA16-BBA-010/ATD Abdullah Noor contra revenue account
6 CIIT/FA16-BBA-011/ATD Hamza Ishtiaq accounting principals
7 CIIT/FA16-BBA-012/ATD Zaid Bin Banaras tangible assets
8 CIIT/FA16-BBA-013/ATD Noor Ul Warrah permanent accounts
9 CIIT/FA16-BBA-014/ATD Shumaila Fayyaz statement of stockholders equity
10 CIIT/FA16-BBA-016/ATD Hamza Uzair Taj periodicity assumption
11 CIIT/FA16-BBA-019/ATD Ayesha Hameed closing entries
12 CIIT/FA16-BBA-022/ATD Farooq Ahmad what is net realizable value
13 CIIT/FA16-BBA-023/ATD Nishwa Ibrar product vs period cost
14 CIIT/FA16-BBA-028/ATD Raja Abdul Basit Saroop what is operating revenue
15 CIIT/FA16-BBA-032/ATD Muhammad Kashif Bilal journal entry format
16 CIIT/FA16-BBA-036/ATD Yousaf Haroon expense account
17 CIIT/FA16-BBA-039/ATD Sadabahar Ali Minhas closing journal entries
18 CIIT/FA16-BBA-042/ATD Abdul Mateen Khan responsibility accounting
19 CIIT/FA16-BBA-043/ATD Ubaid Razaq non profit accounting
20 CIIT/FA16-BBA-049/ATD Raja Talha Ayub bonds payable
21 CIIT/FA16-BBA-057/ATD Muhammad Wajahat Aamir periodicity assumption
22 CIIT/FA16-BBA-059/ATD Ramin business transaction
23 CIIT/FA16-BBA-064/ATD Abdullah basic accounting principles
24 CIIT/FA16-BBA-066/ATD Rafiullah professional skepticism
25 CIIT/FA16-BBA-070/ATD Ahmadullah what is amortization
26 CIIT/FA16-BBA-077/ATD Haseeb Ullah business organizations
27 CIIT/FA16-BBA-081/ATD Khalid big 4 accounting firms
28 CIIT/FA16-BBA-084/ATD Asadullah cash discounts
29 CIIT/FA16-BBA-090/ATD Hedayat Ullah computerized process
30 CIIT/FA16-BBA-093/ATD Eifa Khin Jani cost classification
31 CIIT/FA16-BBA-099/ATD Sher Shah cash flow statement template
32 CIIT/FA16-BBA-102/ATD Rasool Khan freight in vs freight out
33 CIIT/FA16-BBA-109/ATD Hayat Ullah sales book
34 CIIT/FA16-BBA-111/ATD Mohammad Hadi purpose of adjusting entries
35 CIIT/FA16-BBA-117/ATD Asadullah what is a contra account




SN Registration No. Student Name Topic
1 CIIT/FA14-BBA-034/ATD Usama Iltaf trade receivables
2 CIIT/FA16-BBA-003/ATD Muhammad Nabeel Akhtar operating profit
3 CIIT/FA16-BBA-005/ATD Noor Bakhat multi step income statement
4 CIIT/FA16-BBA-006/ATD Shehzad Naseer prepayment account
5 CIIT/FA16-BBA-008/ATD Sara Qazi salvage value
6 CIIT/FA16-BBA-017/ATD Muhammad Dehan expense recognition principle
7 CIIT/FA16-BBA-018/ATD Abdur Rafay materiality
8 CIIT/FA16-BBA-020/ATD Sonaina Ali financing activities
9 CIIT/FA16-BBA-021/ATD Mahmoona accrued revenue journal entry
10 CIIT/FA16-BBA-024/ATD Seerat Javed variable cost
11 CIIT/FA16-BBA-025/ATD Huda Muratib retained earnings calculation
12 CIIT/FA16-BBA-030/ATD Aqib Khan contra asset
13 CIIT/FA16-BBA-031/ATD Linta Manzoor payroll accounting
14 CIIT/FA16-BBA-033/ATD Sadiqa Ajmal fixed assets
15 CIIT/FA16-BBA-035/ATD Umer Nawaz Khan Jadoon what is owner’s equity
16 CIIT/FA16-BBA-037/ATD Zaighum Mumtaz accountant report
17 CIIT/FA16-BBA-040/ATD Umar Zamir general ledger
18 CIIT/FA16-BBA-041/ATD Rabail Perveiz source documents
19 CIIT/FA16-BBA-044/ATD Hammad Anwar what is inventory
20 CIIT/FA16-BBA-045/ATD Muhammad Tahir Latif what are reserves
21 CIIT/FA16-BBA-046/ATD Hamza Arsalan how to prepare a balance sheet
22 CIIT/FA16-BBA-048/ATD Zainab Qazi debits and credits chart
23 CIIT/FA16-BBA-055/ATD Ghulam Basit what is a trade discount
24 CIIT/FA16-BBA-060/ATD Bilal Rafi bond accountancy
25 CIIT/FA16-BBA-062/ATD Mansoor Ullah simple rate of return
26 CIIT/FA16-BBA-065/ATD Ahmad Rashad audited financial statements
27 CIIT/FA16-BBA-067/ATD Zahida preparing financial statement
28 CIIT/FA16-BBA-068/ATD Waheedullah bookkeeper
29 CIIT/FA16-BBA-071/ATD Abdul Raheem sales journal
30 CIIT/FA16-BBA-072/ATD Waseeq Ullah pension expense
31 CIIT/FA16-BBA-074/ATD Mahdia present value of ordinary annuity
32 CIIT/FA16-BBA-079/ATD Sher Agha cash equivalents
33 CIIT/FA16-BBA-082/ATD Gul Mohammad normal balance
34 CIIT/FA16-BBA-083/ATD Zahoor Ullah factory overhead
35 CIIT/FA16-BBA-085/ATD Mohammad Rahim double entry accounting
36 CIIT/FA16-BBA-089/ATD Amin-ul-haq cash reconciliations
37 CIIT/FA16-BBA-091/ATD Abdul Jalil trial balance sheet
38 CIIT/FA16-BBA-092/ATD Shehryar Khan Utmanzai fixed cost
39 CIIT/FA16-BBA-095/ATD Muhammad Yousaf direct write off method
40 CIIT/FA16-BBA-098/ATD Saber Ullah prepaid expenses
41 CIIT/FA16-BBA-100/ATD Abobaker assets = liabilities + equity
42 CIIT/FA16-BBA-101/ATD Haseeb Ullah purchase journal
43 CIIT/FA16-BBA-103/ATD Abdul Qayum what is a voucher
44 CIIT/FA16-BBA-104/ATD Muslim Jan Hakeemi annuity due
45 CIIT/FA16-BBA-110/ATD Abdul Nader operating vs capital lease
46 CIIT/FA16-BBA-115/ATD Bilal unadjusted trial balance
47 CIIT/FA16-BBA-116/ATD Aysha Safi compound entry
48 CIIT/SP16-BBA-012/ATD Hafiz Ullah assets = liabilities + equity