Turnition Account for checking Plagiarism

Before you can submit your papers to this service, you need to go to Turnitin.com, join your class, and create a user profile. To get started, follow these steps:


Step 1. Go to http://www.turnitin.com.


Step 2. Click on Create Accounts:

turnition account


Step 3. Select student under Create a New Accounts:

turnition account


Step 4. Fill in the account information. I will provide you Class ID and Enrollment Password through your Class CR.


Step 5. Agree for user agreement and remember your email address and password for future logins. Now your account is ready for submitting your work.


Step 6. Submit Work to this software:
If you are not already logged into Turnitin.com, login.

i)  Click the name of the class for which you need to submit work.

ii) Click the “submit” button next to the appropriate assignment.

iii) In the “Submit a paper by” “file upload”.

iv) When submitting by “File Upload”: consider following points:
– Your first and last name should already be provided.
– Enter the title of your paper.
– Click the “Browse” button. Locate and double-click on your paper file.
– Make sure the name of the file appears in the “Browse” box.
– When all fields are completed, click the “Submit” button.
– Turnitin asks you to confirm. If what is displayed is correct, click the “Yes, submit” button. If not, click the “no, go back” link and repeat the previous step, selecting the correct file.
– When the file is submitted, turnition shows you a submission receipt on the screen.

v) You are allowed to submit only one time, re-submission is not allowed.

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