Trial Balance MCQs

MCQs 1 To 10


1. The type of account with a normal credit balance is?

2. Which one of the following account would usually have a debit balance?

3. Which account has usually debit balance?

4. A Trial balance which shows equal totals for both debit and credit columns?

5. Which of the following accounts normally has credit balance?

6. Why does a business prepare a Trial Balance?

7. Is it true that the trial balance totals should agree?

8. The arithmetical accuracy of books of account is verified through?

9. Ahmed gives a cash discount of 40 to a customer. The discount is credited to the discounts allowed account. The effect of recording the discount in this way is that profit will be?

10. A Trial balance is a?


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MCQs 11 To 20


11. The equality of debits and credits is tested periodically by preparing a?

12. Which of the following best describes a Trial balance?

13. Preparation of Trial Balance helps to deduction of?

14. For which of the following accounts is the normal balance a debit?

15. The Trial balance?

16. Types of trial balance are?

17. Which one of the following could not be classified as revenue?

18. Which most important reason for producing a trial balance prior to preparing the final accounting is?

19. Suspense account in the trial balance is entered in the?

20. Wages paid to workers for the installation of new Machinery should be debited to?


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