Risk and Return MCQs


MCQs 1-10


1. Which of the following is the variability of return on stocks or portfolios associated with changes in return on the market as a whole?

2. An investment proposal should be judged and accepted?

3. The conventional measure of dispersion is ________________________?

4. The rate of return you earn on an investment before adjusting for inflation is called the ____________ rate?

5. The additional return we must expect to receive for assuming risk?

6. The total risk is calculated by adding Unsystematic risk with ____________________?

7. The single investment risk that investor would face if he or she held only one financial asset is called ________?

8. If we multiply each possible outcome by its probability of occurrence and then sum these products than we get?

9. _______________ is a statistical measure of the variability of a distribution around its mean?

10. Of the following four investments, _____________________ is considered the safest?