Principles of Finance 

Principles of Finance course is entry level course for business, finance, economics and banking students. Main objective of this course is to equip students with basic concepts and theories of finace and able to apply financial tools in real life problems. This course is designed to provide basic and applied understanding of business finance decisions by using methods and procedures as followed by business organizations. Accountancy Knowledge systematically covers basic finace, valuation, analysis, capital bedgeting etc. needed for introductory level students.


Course Outline

1. Finance Basics

2. Time Value of Money (TVM)

3. Future Value of a Single Amount

4. Present Value of a Single Amount

5. Future Value of Annuity

6. Present Value of Annuity

7. Special Application of Time Value of Money

8. Bond Discounting

9. Share Valuation

10. Risk and Return

11. Capital Budgeting

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