Labor Costing


MCQs 1-10

1. According to Taylor’s Differential plan, the worker is paid according to his?

2. Under the Halsey wage plan, a worker is paid?

3. Standard output is 100 units per day of 8 hours and the piece rates are 20 paise per unit, under Taylor’s differential piece rate system, what will be amount of wages if a worker produces 95 units in a day?

4. Comparing Rowan and Halsey Premium plans, it is seen that when the time saved?

5. When standard output is 10 units per hour and actual output is 12 units per hour, the efficiency is?

6. Given that for a job standard time is 8 hours, actual time taken is 6 hours and the time rate is Rs.2 per hour. What is the total wages, under Halsey Premium Plan?

7. In which of the following incentive plans of wage payment, wage on time basis are not guaranteed?

8. Which of the following methods of wage payment is most suitable where quality and accuracy of work is of primary importance?

9. Which of the following is / are time based incentive wage plan?

10. A worker is paid Rs. 0.50 per unit and he produces 18 units in 7 hours. Keeping in view the straight-piece rate system, the total wages of the worker would be?


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