Finance Basics MCQs


MCQs 1-10


1. In finance, we refer to the market where new securities are bought and sold for the first time?

2. Which one of the following can issue the corporate bond?

3. Which is the treasurer’s responsibility for managing the firm’s cash and marketable securities?

4. Which of the following is the activity which finance people are involved?

5. What should be the long term focal point of financial management in a firm?

6. Financing decision determines?

7. Profit maximization is a?

8. What are the three interrelated areas of finance?

9. Which of the following is not normally a responsibility of the controller of the modern corporation?

10. Financial decisions are concerned with which of the following?


>> Read Finance Basics chapter.


MCQs 11-20


11. The goal of fundamental analysts is to find securities?

12. The combination of two or more firm, the resulting firm maintains the identity of one of the firm usually the larger?

13. If an investor were to sell 100 shares of Microsoft stock to another investor in the securities market, this would be referred to as what type of transaction?

14. A Financial institution that underwrites new securities for resale?

15. Which of the following statements always apply to corporations?

16. The purpose of financial markets is to?

17. Which of the following is a depository financial institution?

18. Among the pairs given below select a (n) example of a principal and a (n) example of an agent respectively?

19. What is potentially the biggest advantage of a small partnership over a sole proprietorship?

20. Which of the following statements is most correct?


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