Cost Accounting 

Cost is a basic course in accounting, finance, business and economics education. The objective of Cost Accounting course is to provide students with an understanding of, and ability to produce and apply cost accounting information that is used in planning and control process of Business organizations. Special attention is placed on mastering the topics of costing, cost systems, material, labor, FOH, budgeting, variances and performance appraisal.

The Cost Accountant has very important functions to perform, primarily responsible for the determination of unit, job and process costs, and for the operation of internal control within the cost accounting department. The work of cost accountant demands technical know-how, skill, judgment, initiative, and responsibility. Recording Journal Entry, classifying, summarizing, analyzing, reporting and interpreting of cost are few important functions of cost accountant or management accountant. This course is in a serious of courses being offered by Accountancy Knowledge.

Course Outlines

1. Costing

2. Cost of Goods Sold Statement (CGS)

3. Inventory Valuation

4. Inventory Management

5. Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)

6. Cost Volume Profit Analysis

7. Labor Cost

8. Payroll Systems

9. Factory Overhead 

10. Absorption Costing

11. Product Costing Systems

12. Job Order Costing

13. Process Costing


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