Cash Book MCQs 2

MCQs 1 To 10


1. When goods are purchased for cash, the entry will be recorded in the?

2. The balance of petty cash is?

3. All of the following are not considered cash except?

4. Entry representing the reversal or cancellation of an entry on the other side is called?

5. The debit side discount column of three column cash book is called?

6. The total of the ‘Discounts Allowed’ column in the Cash Book is posted to?

7. Cash discount is provided?

8. Which of the following explains the imprest system of operating petty cash?

9. Which of the following payment is made from petty cash?

10. Which of the following transactions does not decrease cash?


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MCQs 11 To 20


11. The cash book called?

12. The Debit balance of cash book indicates?

13. In triple column cash book, cash withdrawn from bank for office use will appear in?

14. If a cheque sent for collection is dishonored, the debit is given to?

15. Petty cash may be used to pay?

16. The discount column of a triple column cash book records?

17. In which books of prime entry would the following transactions be entered? A credit sale for Rs. 387 and a cash sale of Rs. 200 less 10% discount for cash payment

18. On Jan 1st 2002, Rs. 1,000 given to petty cashier, he has spent Rs.860 during the month of January. On Feb 1st to make the imprest he will receive cheque for Rs.______________?

19. When cash is drawn from bank for business use the entry type will be?

20. All of the following are other receivables except?


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