Bank Reconciliation Statement

MCQs 1 To 10


1. The main function of a commercial bank is to?

2. When a cheque is returned by the bank showing some technical reason is known as?

3. The outstanding check is the missing entry of?

4. Directly collections of bank are to be ___________ in cash book?

5. The cheque which is issued to creditor but is not presented for payment is called?

6. Farkhanda Jabeen Ltd. receives a check for Rs. 100 records it in cash book and deposits it on the same day. A statement sent by the bank that day does not show this Rs. 100. How is this shown on the bank reconciliation statement?

7. A bank reconciliation statement is prepared by?

8. Which of the following items is not a reason for difference between bank balance as per cash book and pass book?

9. Credit balance in bank pass book means?

10. A check that bears a date latter than date of issue is called?


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MCQs 11 To 20


11. An institutions deal in money’s buying and selling is called?

12. The debit side of cash book =____________ side of passbook?

13. Modern Banks provide depositors printed forms to use for details of items being deposited is?

14. A dishonored check involves?

15. In case of bank statement if balance is overdraft?

16. A check may be crossed by drawing _________________ on the face of its?

17. Bank lends money to the customer by following ways?

18. If bank statement shows a credit balance, it means __________balance for bank book?

19. Which of these statements is true about a bank pass book?

20. Which one of these will require adjustment of cash book balance?


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